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Our entire team lives, works, and plays in New Jersey, and our relationships and customers are all in the Northern and Central New Jersey market. We come on site (directly to your office) for discovery and design, installation, end user training, and ongoing technical support services. This greatly improves your customer experience when acquiring new phone hardware and software technology.


The same team that install your phone system solution will also maintain it. For every new project, we rely on our in-house team, which enables us to provide superior service over those who outsource or remotely provide installation, training, and ongoing support.


Our core expertise is VoIP phone system design and implementation services. We are not distracted by offering other products or services. Over the years, we have accumulated thousands of repetitions installing and maintaining business phone technologies, making us very competent and helping us avoid critical errors.

At Tele-Data Solutions, we know our customers. Want to provide a better experience for your clients? Contact us today to learn how we can help your team communicate better and be more productive.

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Delivering Enterprise Level VoIP for SMBs

Business telephone systems can seem complex and confusing especially when you become bogged down in all the technical jargon. You have analog, digital voice, and VoIP. There are SIP, SIP Trunks, PBX, IP PBX, on premise VoIP, and cloud VoIP, yadda, yadda, yadda.

What does it all mean???

Fret not. Tele-Data Solutions is here to help.

We are New Jersey’s trusted provider of business telecommunication, consulting, installation, training, and support since 1982. Together we will demystify the modern world of telecom and provide your business with a powerful, cost effective communication system that will deliver results both now and in the future.