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Conference Phones

Conference calls are one pivotal way to get business done—even when the attendants are thousands of miles apart. However, poor audio quality or an unintuitive conference phone can quickly diminish productivity and increase frustration. That’s why Polycom conference phones are equipped with best-in-class audio capabilities and user-friendly features. Now you can conduct business as seamlessly as if everyone was in the same room.

IP 5000

Optimized for executive offices and small conference rooms with six people or less, this model’s microphone picks up sound approximately seven feet away and delivers crystal-clear audio with its patented Acoustic Clarity technology.

IP 6000

Designed for midsize conference rooms, this phone has a microphone that can clearly pick up sound from about twelve feet away. Have conference calls with up to twelve people, and enjoy sound as clear as if they were all in the room. Expansion and lapel microphones are compatible.

IP 7000

Used in large executive offices, auditoriums, boardrooms, or conference rooms, this model has a microphone with a reach of about twenty feet. Expansion microphones and multiple phone connectivity are also available to enhance reach. This model comes with best-in-class endpoint software.

Trio 8500

Designed to integrate with Office 365 and Skype for Business, this model takes conference calls to the next level. The microphone has a range of fourteen feet, and it comes with HD Voice and Acoustic Clarity technologies, meaning you get noise reduction and echo cancellation.

Trio 8800

A large conference room solution, this industry-leading model has a twenty-foot audio pickup range, as well as patented NoiseBlock technology. Easily pair portable devices via USB, Bluetooth, or IP. Optional abilities include sharing content and videoconferencing.

VoxBox Speakerphone

An ultracompact and powerful speakerphone with a range of ten feet, VoxBox can pair with up to ten devices via USB or Bluetooth. It features HD Voice and patented NoiseBlock technologies, and low-distortion speakers ensure everyone can be heard with crystal clarity. Resistant to water and dust for outdoor durability.