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Desktop IP Phones

To get the most out of your VoIP phone system, you need hardware that’s high quality and reliable. After all, you should be thinking about your business—not if your IP phones are going to work. With Polycom, you get superior audio and video, meaning you can focus less on your communication system and more on your company.


This six-line entry-level phone model is ideal for a worker who handles low to moderate call volumes but still requires pristine audio, an intuitive interface, and durable design.


This twelve-line model features a large, intuitive color display and immaculate call quality and is aimed at midlevel workers who consistently handle moderate call volumes.


Geared toward managers, this model features a touch screen interface, which allows for increased productivity. It also works with expansion modules, making videoconferencing and wireless networking possible.


A best-in-class sixteen-line desktop communication solution, this model is aimed at C-level executives and managers. Bluetooth technology is integrated into the phone, it can pair with a variety of productivity applications, and it features a large touch screen interface.