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Telecom Tips for the IT MSP Account Manager

October 16, 2017

Telecom Tips for the IT MSP Account Manager



Do you invest most of your day in account management, looking to serve your existing client base, strengthen existing relationships, and make recommendations when it’s appropriate?

This post is for you if you play the role of account manager for a managed service provider.

We appreciate that your role is critically important for your organization. You are tasked with uncovering ways to educate and help your various clients with their technology needs proactively. (and before there is a problem!).

Even though your company may not directly offer phone system solutions, there are a few basic tips to help your client with telecom.  Keep in mind this applies to businesses with at least 20 employees/users. Very small businesses (under 10 employees) won’t be as concerned about the information below.

  1. When does their carrier phone line agreement ends? When does their phone system maintenance plan ends?
    • Clients often forget they have these contracts in place, which future problems because they feel “stuck” in a contract and can’t make a change due to financial constraints.
  1. When was the last time your client had a “Call Flow” audit? More often than not, clients have a phone system programmed over 7-10 years ago which hasn’t been changed since. (Out of sight, out of mind). It is very common for mailboxes to go unchecked for weeks and inbound calls to ring to the wrong phones, causing client dissatisfaction.
    • “Call Flow” Audits are something many phone providers will offer as a courtesy as part of the evaluation process. (Similar to an IT companies “Best Practice Assessment”)
  1. If they are a multi-location office, have they evaluated VoIP/Cloud based phone technology yet?
    • Multi-site office environments usually have the biggest phone challenges and opportunity for improvement.
  1. Is your customer relocating their corporate office?
    • The best time to invest in new phone technology is when a client relocates their office. It’s easier to plan and very practical to start fresh.
  1. What brand of phone is your customer using?
    • It is very common for phone systems to become obsolete and end of life. You could protect the client from massive problems down the road if the system is unrepairable.
  1. Does your client have “Call Center” needs?

We all strive to be more valuable to clients, and bringing up some of these talking points could help.

If you have any questions related to the information above please email or give us a call at 908-378-1218.