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Small and Midsize New Jersey Businesses


Why do New Jersey–based companies choose to hire Tele-Data Solutions to service or to replace their VoIP phone systems? Because we have over thirty-five years of experience in telecom expertise and client relationships. Also, to provide clients with a better overall experience, when appropriate, we travel on site for sales, installation, end user training, and ongoing technical support.

Who we are a good fit for:

  • Privately held New Jersey–based companies.
  • Businesses that value phones and technology to run their offices.
  • Businesses located in Northern and Central New Jersey that have between 10 and 150 phones.
  • Businesses that prefer to hire a local phone provider that can travel on site for sales, installation, and training.
  • Businesses with multiple locations and headquarters located in New Jersey.

These are just some of the industries we serve:

  • Auto dealerships
  • Law firms
  • CPA firms
  • Medical practices
  • Service providers, such as those in the HVAC or plumbing industry
  • New Jersey–based nonprofits

If you have less than one hundred phones for your business, watch the video below to understand the difference between a local company (like us) and larger national providers, such as RingCentral, 8×8, or Vonage.


Who we are not a good fit for:

  • Businesses that only need a virtual auto attendant to route calls to cell phones.
  • Businesses with headquarters located in a state other than New Jersey.
  • Businesses that don’t value or rely on phones to run the company effectively.
  • Nasty or abusive clients. (We’re not kidding!)


Please contact us if you would like more information or want to receive a proposal for a phone system!