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Six Reasons to Implement VoIP for Your Business

VoIP – voice over internet protocol – is a revolutionary and reliable phone system technology. VoIP systems helps a business do more with less and better serve their clients through many applications. Here are six reasons to consider implementing this solution for your business.

  1. Increased office productivity and flexibility. In today’s work world, the office is everywhere thanks to mobile technology and telecommuting. Therefore, employee productivity is no longer tied to a single location. Replacing on-premise telephone lines and circuitry with VoIP enables companies to do business with greater flexibility and ease.

    1. Customers can reach your mobile device when appropriate and employees stay connected to the workplace regardless of their physical location. When a customer calls in to specifically speak to you, your smart phone and business phone ring simultaneously and whatever device you choose takes the call.
    2. Growing or expanding is easier since you can expand your work place virtually—an IP phone, routed through your company’s VoIP system, means more “desks” or work stations anywhere
  1. Reduce your telecom expense. VoIP is a tremendous value-added product that delivers more bang for your buck than traditional phone systems, and allows organizations to reallocate capital for other expenditures.
    1. Total cost of ownership is reduced by lowering equipment fees.
    2. Adding a virtual phone number in the system rather than adding actual hardware is much more cost effective.
    3. No more carrier contracts for local and long distance phone service.
    4. No more expensive maintenance plans on the on-site traditional equipment that’s aging or failing.
    5. A hosted phone system has the ability to route calls over multiple locations; it is common to reallocate payroll expense because it takes less people to handle all the calls.
  1. Improves your company culture The technology behind VoIP offers highly effective tools that enhance collaboration and improve employee performance.
    1. The younger workforce understands VoIP and having these tools in place will attract new talent.
    2. Provides coaching tools for improved service – automatic call recording allows management and staff to collaborate when a customer service issue arises. Avoid the he said/she said and get to the bottom of the problem.
    3. Customer relationship management (CRM) integration – Your VoIP system’s call reporting function can integrate with popular CRM apps (such as salesforce.com). Sales calls are automatically logged in your system. This call reporting is seamless, reduces paperwork and human error, and allows management to view more accurate call reports.
    4. Company-client collaboration tools are included, such as conference bridges so a group of co-workers can easily call into a conference number on the fly for a conference call.
  1. Huge impact on sales and internet marketing conversion rates. Tele-Data can provide proprietary, tracked phone numbers for your Google ads or other digital marketing. These numbers ensure that incoming calls are routed to your sales team; they can even be directed to specific personnel, resulting in better conversion rates thanks to this personal attention.
    1. Businesses are able to determine their ROI on their digital marketing campaigns by getting the call to the right person quickly and easily, which increases the chances of a sale.
    2. Give your top-dollar customers the VIP treatment with a special phone number to call; as with the example above, this special number is routed to the right customer service representative, to give your most valuable customers the value-added attention they require.
  1. Better business intelligence. Go beyond the dial tone …
    1. The analytics, accessed through your dashboard, give you reports on dropped or abandoned calls, wait times and more.
    2. Develop a more proactive approach to sales by monitoring call volume and quality, track activity by employee, and respond to potential or existing customers more effectively.
  1. Disaster avoidance. Your company presence and ability to respond to incoming calls are never in danger during power outages, natural disasters, or other business disruptions. VoIP will roll your calls over to cell phones seamlessly if the internet is down so you are always connected to your customers. Your team will have full access to voice mail and you will be alerted when a message is left for you, so there’s no downtime.

Tele-Data works with New Jersey-based companies of all sizes to assess which type of VoIP system will best meet their needs. Whether you need hosted cloud-based telephony or an on-premise VoIP server, Tele-Data’s telecom specialists will develop the solution that drives business. We also provide user training to ensure your employees and managers know how to fully deploy all the features that will build your business and boost productivity.

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