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Can Desktop IP Phone Work with My Mobile Phone?

Can a Desktop IP Phone Work with My Mobile Phone? Many businesses must prioritize the client service experience while embracing flexible work schedules in their service departments.  Clients have been asking us “Can my Desktop IP Phone work with my mobile phone?”

The answer is yes. Businesses can communicate from anywhere when their employees use mobile devices with their IP phones.

Even if the home or office has a VoIP based phone system, you can still use mobile phones as VoIP phones rather than running to your desk as soon as you get a call. VoIP is the best way to save a massive amount of time because you are not tethered to a desk. If your home office has a WiFi network it is easy to use the mobile app.

You get all of the features you’d expect from a SIP phone, transfer commands, voicemail and outbound caller ID. It’s an ideal solution for the business people who are in need of an office phone but are on the road often.

There are many advantages one can benefit from by having VoIP on their mobile device. This offers ample flexibility and cut down business expenses. 

Bring Your Own Device

BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) is a new concept in the business world where employees can choose their own devices such as mobile phones, computers, and tablets for work. BYOD is gaining massive popularity in the business arena, as many are showing interest in using their devices. BYOD is allowing employees to turn the mobile devices that are in their pockets into the office mobiles with the help of VoIP technology.

VoIP phone systems will allow you to send voice messages and communications in the form of data packets through the internet. Many VoIP providers are offering great features that are converting the mobile phone into the office phone allowing the business sales team to attend the client calls on the go officially.

For instance, the call routing option available in VoIP will allow you to set the VoIP phone number to follow the employee who is sitting in the other office or home or to their mobile number. The employees can easily make a call using the caller ID.

Advantages of using VoIP on mobile phones

Usage of personal phones at work has become common these days. There are over 90% of people who are using Smartphones for everyday life. This usage is going to increase in the coming years. For companies, the BYOD Policy is allowing them to turn their Smartphones into VoIP mobile phones. This is cost-effective and employee-friendly.

VoIP telephone systems are offering these services to its customers including:

  • Better flexibility: Business professionals and employees can be available to the customers or clients at any point of the time, allowing them to have the same kind of professional communication that they would have with the office mobile. This system is helpful to business people who travels a lot can attend the calls more proficiently.
  • Reduced employee expenses: The Smartphone users can cut down the expenses on calling and texting by taking the right VoIP services.
  • Higher speed: The data transmission that is done using VoIP is faster. The data packets are routed in the right direction to reach the intended destination soon.
  • Reduced hassle: You no longer need to train the employees on using the new phone system. Instead, they can conveniently communicate internally and externally using the phones that they have with them.

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By Vincent Finaldi

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