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How Does a Softphone Work?

How Does a Softphone Work?

Though it may seem like phone calls are the way of the past in customer service, it’s been reported that over 90% of customer interactions are still happening via phone. You see it every day. Some things can certainly be handled adequately by email or chat. But most of the time, a phone call is simply the best way to handle important issues. Thus, it’s key for your business to have the right phone system in place to support your customers when they call or when you need to call them.

Are you considering a softphone? So, what is a softphone? How does it work? How is it an enhancment for your phone system? Here’s what you need to know. As experts in the field, we explain to you the top three benefits, so you can decide if it’s right for your business.

VoIP Phones with Softphone Technology

Essentially, Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP) phones and softphones use the same technology—the internet—to support calls. You may hear it being called “internet phone service for businesses”. In a typical VoIP setup, you’ll have a traditional phone with a hand receiver and earpiece, plus the phone base with a dial pad. Though the internet now supports the calls, you make calls by picking up the hand receiver and dialing the number you need to reach, much like we’ve done for the last century.

With a softphone, it’s now possible to make calls without the typical phone setup, meaning it’s much more mobile! Calls can be made over a computer using the software.

How Does a Softphone Really Work?

Wait…you can call without a phone? Yes! In much the same way our mobile phones work, a softphone uses Session Initiation Protocol (SIP)—the same thing a VoIP phone also uses—that connects networks. This all happens through a software interface that will often have a digital dial pad and connect and disconnect buttons (usually green and red, respectively) to place calls or hang up. It might look something like your mobile phone. This software application is your softphone.

While you won’t need a typical phone setup, you will need a headphone/microphone system to hear others talk and to be heard as you speak on a softphone.


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Top 3 Benefits of a Softphone

With a softphone, you’ll enjoy increased mobility and security. Some of the top benefits are:

  1. Business and staff will always have access to a secure, professional phone line with a softphone setup. On the road? No problem! Open up the app and make your calls.
  2. You can make and take calls anywhere, using only your laptop or a softphone mobile app. No need to be tied to a bulky desk phone that takes up space and limits your mobility!
  3. Your company does not have to purchase or rent phone hardware for remote users or additional hires

As you can see, a softphone significantly increases your ability to be on the go while always having access to a safe and professional phone line. You only need a computer and a microphone which is common on newer laptops.

Work Smarter, Not Harder: VoIP Phone Systems and Softphones

The right phone system makes all the difference for your business. The system you choose can either help or hinder your overall success. If you’re ready to work smarter using a modern VoIP phone system or softphone (internet phone service) for business, contact us!

Tele-Data Solutions has a talented team of phone experts who are ready to help you select the perfect phone system for your business (regardless of your industry). “Our passion is solving business problems through VoIP phone systems.” We’re here to help you succeed, so give us a call today if you would like to learn more.

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