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VoIP Network Appliances

A fully functioning, effective VoIP phone system is more than just the actual IP phones. Here are some other pieces of hardware that are vital to your overall VoIP phone system:

Peplink VoIP Firewall


Firewalls, which provide added security and peace of mind, are integrated into the family of Peplink Balance routers. With these products, you get several key benefits:

  • High Quality: With Internet load balancing, you’re ensured a high level of phone call quality.
  • Automatic Failover: If one Internet circuit fails for any reason, all voice calls will seamlessly and automatically transfer, meaning no downtime and no discernible quality difference. Ever.
  • Intuitive: Built directly into the appliance is a user-friendly, intuitive interface.
  • Remote Support: You don’t have to rely on a third-party IT provider for VoIP phone system issues. With graphical usage reports and detailed event logs, Tele-Data Solutions can easily diagnose and troubleshoot issues and provide remote support until that issue is resolved.

Netgear PoE Switch

Netgear-PoE-Switch Netgear-PoE-Switch

Power over Ethernet (PoE) is a technology that enables network cables to deliver electrical power, and the benefits include the following:

  • Flexibility: Because you aren’t reliant on electrical outlets for power, PoE-enabled devices can be positioned (and repositioned) easily to wherever they’re most needed.
  • Practicality: By installing a network switch, you avoid having to have every IP phone connect to a power outlet.
  • Safety: PoE has integrated fail-safes that protect equipment from overload or even incorrect installation.

Adding a PoE switch to a network is very straightforward. Just connect PoE-compatible network devices to the switch (that has built-in PoE injection), and the switch can automatically enable power. These switches are also scalable with your business needs. They can work with low-cost solutions that only feature a few ports all the way to sophisticated systems with complex multiport units.

Phybridge Appliance and Individual Adapters


A Phybridge appliance is a data network switch that delivers Ethernet and Power over Ethernet (PoE) over Cat 3 telephony-grade wire. This system offers up to four times the reach of traditional data switches. With this appliance, you can utilize your existing proven voice infrastructure while creating an entirely separate network path specifically for all voice-related communications. By optimizing your existing IT infrastructure for data and voice convergence, you can more confidently and successfully make the switch to a VoIP phone system.

Based on your office environment needs, choose from an 8-port, 24-port, or 48-port option.

SD-WAN Appliance

Software-defined wide-area network (SD-WAN) technology is used to seamlessly connect enterprise networks, including data centers, branch locations, and headquarters, even over very large geographic areas. InSpeed Quality Service (IQS) is an SD-WAN solution that helps ensure your voice, video, and cloud-based applications always work—at any time and over any WAN connection.

We understand that 100 percent uptime for your VoIP system is both critical and expected. With IQS, even if a primary link fails, all voice calls are automatically and seamlessly switched to your redundant link. That means you never drop a call and never notice any decline in quality.

Easily deployed and easy to use, IQS utilizes an on-premises network appliance, a portal, and a proprietary cloud element. IQS even helps your system identify and prioritize the most important data. This means your voice and videoconferencing data packets go first, and less essential ordinary Internet traffic is made secondary.

With this technology, you can have reasonably priced broadband connections but enjoy the quality usually reserved for enterprise-level companies. Even remote workers can use standard broadband to easily hop onto the high-performance corporate network—all without having to deal with complicated firewalls.

To monitor your WAN infrastructure and performance, simply utilize the IQS web portal that displays detailed, specific, real-time analytics.