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Outside IT Consultants and Managed Service Providers

Tele-Data Solutions attempted to be an IT managed service provider from 2010 to 2013. We quickly realized it was not our passion, financial driver, or area of expertise. Not only were we not that good at it, but we alienated some key relationships with outsourced IT providers. We will never go back to that!

Now we focus on helping New Jersey businesses solve problems through VoIP phone technology, and we only partner with the right IT providers.

Who is the right VoIP provider for my IT company to partner with?


What Does Tele-Data Bring to Your IT Company?

White-Glove On-Site Installation and On-Site End User Training Services

There are many reputable national VoIP providers you can recommend to your clients. However, if your client has less than 100 phones, the national providers will not be able to meet, survey, or install the equipment on site. To figure out logistics, this puts a lot more time and stress on your IT company.

With us, we’re local, and we’re there every step of the way, from the first sales meeting all the way through the installation and go-live.

Telecom Expertise

At TDS, we have thirty-five years of telecom experience. By choosing us, your IT company does not have to deal with the headaches and risks of porting phone numbers or the nuanced details related to call flow programming or call center design. There is mastery in repetition, and all we do is VoIP phone system design installations.

Protect Your Reputation

Whenever you partner with another company, you put your professional reputation on the line too. TDS has a proven track record of doing right by our clients. It’s critical to us that you can be comfortable and confident knowing you’re referring a company with first-rate experience and knowledge. With TDS, your reputation (and clients) are safe.

Save Yourself Time and Minimize Headaches

Have you ever had to take a technical service call for VoIP phone quality issues? It can take hours of follow-up and working with various providers to diagnose and to resolve the issue. Not to mention the end user has zero patience for phone problems. By finding a phone partner you can trust, you are able to push off those service requests, saving time that you can spend on higher-end technical challenges.

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