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End-User Training

We believe onsite end-user training is one of the most important components necessary to successfully utilize your new VoIP phone system. We find it frustrating that this training component gets downplayed in our industry because the only one who’s negatively impacted by this is you, the actual client.

If your business has multiple staff members, providing them with a personable, knowledgeable, and articulate systems trainer really gives your team a great onboarding experience. At Tele-Data Solutions, we get that there’s nothing more frustrating than spending money on technology and then not having your staff know how to use it properly! That’s why we invest so much time and energy into our onsite end-user training.

To hear more about this, listen to our expert systems trainer, Lindsey Bodnar, talk a bit about what she does:



There are six unique components to training:

1. IP Phone Hardware Training

Learn how to navigate and use your new IP phones. This helps ensure you get the most out of your new hardware. Most clients have been using the same digital phone for ten to twenty years, so we really focus on the change management of the new IP phones in order to shorten the learning curve.

2. Mobile Application Training

For traveling or remote employees or anyone who spends time working offsite (salespeople, for example), learning how to use the mobile application is incredibly practical and useful in today’s professional landscape.

3. End-User Software Training

Your trainer will teach all employees how to log in to the portal with their unique log-ins to view their voice mails, check their call logs, access click-to-dial and personal call recordings, and more. This training will explain how all the software features tie into the physical IP phones.

4. Call Center Software Training (for Supervisors/Managers)

If your company is implementing call center software, it’s imperative supervisors know how to use the software. Capitalizing on this can help you get a better return on the investment you made in the VoIP system.

5. Administrative Training and Call Reporting/Analytics

As an administrator, learn how to make changes to the phone system. This means you no longer have to rely on or wait for a telecom provider to do this for you. Most changes are easy to administer, and we are happy to show you how. Additionally, if you’re a manager and want to run call activity reports, we’ll demonstrate all the reporting capabilities within the phone system.

6. CRM Integration Tools and Training

Whether you’re using Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, or anything else, you’ll need to have a conversation with your trainer about how the phone hardware and software can integrate with your CRM. It’s common to implement click-to-dial from your CRM software and activate inbound screen pops when a client calls.

When you work with Tele-Data Solutions, you’re never alone! We provide onsite and remote end-user training to ensure you know exactly how to use your new hardware and software. We’re always happy to answer your questions and make sure you’re completely comfortable with your phone system.