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Onsite Installation Services

If your business does not employ in-house technical IT staff, it’s especially critical to outsource the onsite installation services required to successfully install a VoIP phone system. From installing the IP phone hardware to configuring VoIP firewall and network switches, Tele-Data Solutions ensures you never have to go at it alone.

Technical Onsite Surveys

When it comes to a seamless, successful VoIP installation, we believe a technical onsite survey is critical to the overall project success. This onsite assessment happens prior to an installation and uncovers your specific wiring and hardware needs. It also prepares you for the change management of your current phone system to a new VoIP system.

If your company has less than one hundred employees, most VoIP providers simply are not equipped to handle onsite surveys. They don’t have the resources in place to provide this for every business in the market, so most of their survey work is done remotely or over the phone—or it’s overlooked entirely.

When it comes to properly assessing your site’s VoIP needs, nothing beats having an expert in your actual building. Seeing your existing wiring infrastructure in person provides a level of detail and information that no remote interview or survey can match, meaning you get the most accurate assessment of what will actually work for your company.

If possible, have your outsourced third-party IT computer consultant present for this. An onsite survey is a great way to get buy-in from your technical support team and to avoid any mistakes. An onsite assessment gives IT a chance to meet, get to know, and start to trust the VoIP team they’ll be working with.

Phone and IT Hardware Installation

At Tele-Data Solutions, we do all the onsite installation services so you don’t have to.

Depending on your office environment, a hardware installation could include any or all of these elements:

  • IP Phones: On the day of the install, the specific phone models are plugged into the phone or computer network and are tested to ensure everything is working seamlessly.
  • Netgear PoE Network Switch: This piece of equipment provides power to the IP phones, and it will also be fully tested for functionality on the day of install.
  • Peplink Balance Firewall: When we install a Peplink device onsite, we (as your VoIP provider) can monitor your network in real time and properly diagnose any technical issues. Some features include the following: Dual Internet connection for failover, Load balancing, Office Wi-Fi, and Not necessary to rely on your outsourced IT provider to resolve VoIP issues

Note, you can plug in a USB modem to use an LTE connection for load balancing and failover. The Balance One’s USB port supports more than 250 4G LTE/3G modems used by a variety of carriers worldwide.

  • Paging Adapter: If you require paging horns, this adapter can be installed onsite. This enables your existing analog horns to function seamlessly with your new VoIP phone system.
  • SIP-enabled IP Intercom: By installing an IP door mate on the front, side, or rear intercom, it can function with your IP phone system. This features allows you to buzz people in and out of your office, as well as intercom with your outside door mate.
  • Analog Trunk Adapter (ATA) for fax machines: If your office still requires the use of fax, you can port your existing fax number into a VoIP platform, and an ATA can be installed to ensure the analog system still functions.
  • SD-WAN appliance: This is an advanced piece of networking equipment that prioritizes voice over public Internet. This pivotal hardware helps ensure there are no digital hiccups in your service.

Having a technical onsite assessment with a qualified professional can help pinpoint and clarify which of these features your business needs. Any reputable VoIP provider should provide this service free of charge, so there’s no risk in getting this initial assessment

Onsite Ethernet Wiring Installation Services

When you get a new VoIP system, it’s important for customers to know their wiring-related options. If your existing wiring infrastructure is not VoIP ready and can’t support the IP phones, you generally have five options:

  1. Install new Cat5e cabling at the new or existing office.
  2. If you currently have Cat5e cable punched down a 66 block for digital phones, we can reterminate the Cat5e lines off the block into a patch panel. This practical solutions means you avoid having to install new cables in your office. (For more information, see the video below.)
  3. Share the physical computer cabling network with the IP phones. (This sharing of the cabling environment is known as “daisy-chaining.”)
  4. Reuse Cat 3 cable and install a Phybridge appliance, which effectively separates the phone and IT network.
  5. If you’re a small office and you want to avoid the need for wiring, evaluate wireless IP phones and/or softphone technology. In this case, your wireless technology becomes very important. (A poor wireless environment will mean poor call quality.)

With any of the wiring or wireless options above, we recommend scheduling a conference call with us and your outsourced IT provider in order to avoid technical problems and misunderstandings.

To get a quick idea of what the wiring process involves, watch this video of one of our trusted technicians, Henry Ordonez, at work in the telephone closet:

When you’re choosing a VoIP company, make sure the provider is knowledgeable enough to understand and to communicate all these options to you.