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Project Management

When obtaining a new VoIP system, it’s critical to have strong project management as it helps your business with overall project success. The project management phase—where you work with a dedicated project coordinator—is crucial to avoiding programming mistakes, such as porting incorrect phone numbers. Diligence during this phase helps ensure you don’t have any unmet expectations.

Matthew Bruno

Project Management can include the following elements:

  • Accurately gathering all the client’s information about the business office environment, from a voice/phone perspective.
  • Assessing what features are necessary for the employees. Examples could include auto attendant recordings, phone extensions, voice mail system programming before and after business hours, exact call flows and how they’re programmed, and more.
  • Ensuring all relevant features are properly set up.
  • Ensuring you and your employees are adequately trained to use all hardware and software features.
  • Effectively communicating the project timeline (and any relevant updates) to you. For example, when are the phone numbers porting? Is this coordinated with the physical installation? When will onsite training take place?
  • Being a dedicated point person for you, the client, throughout this phase. This typically lasts one to eight weeks, depending on the client’s size, complexity, and schedule.
  • Being readily available for any open issues following the installation.
  • Making sure all project goals were met.

Clear, timely, and effective communication with your project coordinator throughout the project management phase is key to your ongoing success. We take this phase very seriously and pride ourselves on offering every client a positive, hands-on project management experience.